An amazing interview


Recently, I have been approached by various companies to join them or to consult them for their business and technical growth. They came across my online presence in various social networking websites. So, I took an opportunity to talk to one of them situated in Delhi, India.

As decided, I reached their office and waited few moments before the interview started. Interview started with a detailed Technical test. Ok, I was good with that. Next, started conversation with the CEO. I was pretty impressed by his personality and way of talking. When everything was nearly to a completion and we nearly decided to work together, suddenly, he mentioned that “Hey, I just forgot to mention one more thing to you. You should bring all your previous clients’ project to our organization.”

I asked why? Isn’t there any marketing or sales effort in the company?

He went “No”. We believe in “Word of mouth and getting projects through contacts”.

So, I asked “don’t you have any contact of yours?”.

He told “No, as all our employees have that and we utilize that only.”

I was shocked and told him that “I will never approach to any of my previous clients as it is non-ethical. How will you feel if any of your existing staff does the same to you?”

He wonderfully stated “I don’t mind as this is the dog world.”

I immediately decided not to help them and took off myself from the place.

This post is certainly off-topic with this blog, but couldn’t resist myself from sharing it with you. My question to my readers that what will you do if you were at the same condition?


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