WordPress plugin “sharebar-reloaded” pre-release note


I’m excited to let you know that I’ve completed working on WordPress plugin “sharebar reloaded” that is the descendent of it’s popular “sharebar” plugin. While working on my client’s site Red94.Net, I encountered a weird issue with the “sharebar” plugin when it stopped working with my “tabbed widgets reloaded” plugin installed in the site. So, I took a look of the code and found some interesting places where I could improve the code.I started scanning the code of “sharebar” and read the documentation and process from the author’s site. I found that in the code, lots of areas can be improved including the JavaScript and broadly, I updated the following areas:

  1. Added support for WP 3.3.1 and improved performance.
  2. Changed procedural program to object-oriented program.
  3. Introduced template tags outside the core class.
  4. Protected earlier “sharebar-admin.php” (ancestor) from hacking.
  5. Fixed JavaScript errors.
  6. Fixed Admin UI.

As, I have observed the issue with a child theme, I tested my “sharebar reloaded” plugin with Skeleton Framework, which is also a responsive framework for WordPress theme development and found that it is working. I have kept the functionality same but removed some obvious issues those will occur when somebody changes the WordPress content path. Yes, those paths were hard-coded in the code. I have fixed those areas and make the code generic.

Here are screen shots of my version of plugin:

The plugin will working well. If you are reading this article, it will help for me if you can provide me some complex themes so that I can test the plugin on those and make sure towards it’s stability. Anyways, I will be releasing version 1.0 of the plugin very soon. But, this time it will be a paid plugin as the effort matters. :)

Hope you have enjoyed reading it and I would expect comments from your end.

Happy reading.


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