Nokia N900 SMS and call list not saving – A fix


Today morning, I suddenly discovered that all my ‘Conversations’ and ‘Call History’ just vanished from my Nokia N900 phone. I panicked about a “virus” attack or any other applications malfunctioning. But, search through the internet helped me to get rid of my preliminary thoughts and I learned that it’s an issue with database that many users have already faced. Databases being databases they can get fragmented and corrupted, this being no exception.

I followed the instructions from and able to get ‘Call history’ and ‘Conversations’ back. I though to blog the solutions in order to make a self note to me for future. Here we go:

1. First of all make sure ALL conversations are closed including the Conversations window itself and then preferably go into Offline/Airplane/Tablet mode so it’s not possible you’ll receive any new messages of any kind.

2. Open a terminal and change to root:


sudo gainroot


3. Change to the directory where the database is stored:


cd /home/user/.rtcomm-eventlogger

4. Read the contents out the database and write it to a new file (NOTE: The filename is for the newer version of the database file introduced in PR1.2 I believe!!):


echo .dump | sqlite3 el-v1.db | sqlite3 el-v1-new.db


5. Move the existing file to another file to back it up:


mv el-v1.db el-v1-old.db


6. Move the newly created file to the proper name:


mv el-v1-new.db el-v1.db


7. You might need change the permissions on the file:


chown user el-v1.db
chgrp users el-v1.db


8. For completeness, reboot the phone:


init 6


9. Whilst it’s rebooting it should ask ‘Exit offline mode?’, select ‘Yes’ and you should be back up and running, open Conversations and check to see if everything is there and if it is now more stable.

Hope this will help you :)


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