Strange fact about string matching in MySQL query


We all know that MySQL queries are not case-sensitive unless the columns’ collation are set to binary like utf8_bin, latin1_bin etc. Recently, while working on a project, I found that MySQL (server version 5.1.47) compares 'string' and 'string ' as equal while 'string' and ' string' are not equal. It’s a strange. Isn’t it? Did you know that?

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MongoDB vs MySQL


For years, we are using MySQL, an open-sourced relational database for web based application, specially with PHP. The community edition of the database is free and various tools are available to monitor and manage the database. Somehow, MySQL is not scalable and a lots of issues are faced when comes to the performance. To overcome this issue, NoSQL database trend appeared in order to break the relational data model and some awesome benchmark towards performance. Still, there are opinions to choose between a relational database and a NoSQL database. MongoDB is one of the NoSQL databases. Continue reading