How to handle an error that is already produced by jQuery document ready event


Most of the times, while working with jQuery, we used to face a very common issue with other plugins or jQuery snippets throwing error in the document ready event that prevents other jQuery code stopped working due to the error already occurred in the document ready event. It’s important to remember that if a document ready event triggers error, other jQuery code will stop working. You may be working with Joomla, Drupal or WordPress or any other CMS with lots of plugins or extensions and you are writing your own. Things go messy when your jQuery code is correct, but others are not and hence your code is not working. The question is how to solve this issue?

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How to implement “Floating Facebook Sidebar”


These days adding Facebook like box in any website using Facebook Social Plugins is common to increase number of likes to your page. But, it also occupies a good amount of space when showing it with faces, streams etc and user might need to scroll through your page for this. If you want to stay there in your page but, you don’t want to occupy the area by it, here is a solution with jQuery based Floating Facebook Sidebar. Continue reading